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Using Visual Supports At Home

Here you will find a range of visual supports that can be used at home.

Use of visuals to maintain structure at home


All pupils are supported throughout their time at Grange Park School by a range of visual supports.


What are visual supports?

Visual supports can be photographs, objects, symbols or written words. They can be printed or shown on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Visuals can be referred back to as many times as needed, unlike verbal communication which is fleeting. They provide consistency and can be used in most situations.

Visuals supports can help in a range of different areas, including; providing structure and routine, supporting with transitions, motivation, making choices, developing independence, emotional regulation, verbal understanding and expression, interaction and social understanding.


How can I use visual supports at home?

You can use visual supports to help your child throughout the day:

-          Calendar – weekly or monthly – to let your child know about upcoming events

-          Visual timetables for daily routines – to help give consistency, predictability and               structure to your child’s day

-          Choice board – to help your child decide between activities. Particularly useful    

            for leisure times to offer choice and variety

-          Zones of Regulation – information and toolkit – to help your child to recognise   

            and communicate how they are feeling

-          Now and next boards – to help your child move on from one activity to another

-          Timers – to help your child know when an activity is finishing and to prepare for

            transition. You can use egg timers or digital timers (e.g. on your phone/tablet).


Visuals should be in prominent places at your child’s eye level. You should keep visuals in a consistent place, so that your child knows where to look for them (e.g. visual timetable for the day on the fridge).


Visuals should be individualised for each child. Attached are some examples for you to adapt as needed. Visuals don’t need to be pictures/symbols, you can also use written words.

You can download a free 30 day trial of Boardmaker :

This is the software we use at Grange Park School to create all of our visuals.


If you need help to create any visual supports for your child at home, please contact the SALT team (