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Grange Park School

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Useful Links

There are many organisations that can provide useful information about autism.


Website Links:


Information about Autism

National Autistic Society:


Ambitious About Autism:

Autism Speaks: 

Autism eye: 

A comic strip by Rebecca Burgess to help people understand the autism diagnosis:

The Curly Hair Project:

Information leaflet on girls and autism:

Amazing things happen - A simple Youtube video explaining how people with autism may experience the world differently:

Ella, along with two of her daughters, are all on the autism spectrum, receiving their diagnoses in 2015 and 2016


Information about associated conditions

Association For All Speech Impaired Children (AFASIC):


British Dyslexia Association:

British Epilepsy Association:

British Institute of Learning disabilities:

Dyspraxia Foundation:

ICAN (helping children communicate):

MENCAP (understanding learning difficulty): 

OCD action:‚Äč


Selective Mutism Information and Research Association (SMIRA): at the bottom of 'information about associated conditions'


Approaches used at Grange Park School

The SCERTS Model:

The Zones of Regulation:



Legislation relating to Special Education Needs

Department of Health and Social Care:

SEND Code of Practice:


Mental health and wellbeing

Mental Health Foundation

Kent Resilience Hub:

MindEd, e-learning to support healthy minds: 


Online safety

National online safety:


Sibling support



Support from other families

Contact a family:  


Support around sleep

Children’s Sleep Charity: 

Sleep Scotland:

The Sleep Council: 


Information about Autism 

Kent Autistic Trust -

Autism Education Trust -


Family Support

BEAMS family support - 


Information about Special Educational Needs

IASK - information, advice and support Kent -