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The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

Miss Woodhead shares with you one of her favourite books. She will be adding new chapters regularly, so make sure you come back for the next chapter.

After each chapter, Miss Woodhead will give you a couple of questions to think about.


Chapter 1:

Chapter 1 Questions:
Why did the family have to move?
What are your favourite things about your home?
Chapter 2:
Chapter 2 Questions:
What does Bruno think of his father's job?
What do you think of his father's job?
Chapter 3:
Chapter 3 Questions:
How well do Bruno and Gretel get on?
Who is in your family and what fun things have you done with them?
Chapter 4:
Chapter 4 Questions:
What does the view look like from Bruno's window?
What does the view look like from your window?
Chapter 5:
Part 1:
Chapter 5 Part 1 Question:
What do you think Bruno's dad will say?
Part 2:
Chapter 5 Part 2 Question:
How would you feel if you had to move away?
Chapter 6:
Chapter 6 Questions:
Does Bruno have respect for his father?
What do you think of Bruno's father?
Chapter 7:
Part 1:
Chapter 7 Part 1 Question:

What do you think or Lieutenant Kotler?


 Part 2:


Chapter 7 Part 2 Question:

How do you feel about what happens to Pavel?


Chapter 8:


Chapter 8 Question (only 1 for this chapter):

How would you describe Bruno's grandparents?


Chapter 9:


Chapter 9 questions:

What makes Bruno decide to go exploring?

Have you ever done some exploring?


Chapter 10:


Chapter 10 Questions:

Can you describe who Bruno meets?

Who are your friends and where did you meet them?


Chapter 11:


Chapter 11 Questions:
What rules apply during the Fury's visit?
What rules do you follow at home?
Chapter 12:


Chapter 12 Questions:

Why does Bruno decide not to tell his family about his new friend?

Do you agree that Bruno shouldn't tell?


Chapter 13 Part 1:


Chapter 13 Part 1 Question:

What do you think about the soldiers in the story so far?


Chapter 13 Part 2:


Chapter 13 Part 2 Question:

Why does Lieutenant Kotler get so angry do you think?


Chapter 14:


Chapter 14 Questions:
Why does Bruno lie about who Shmuel is?
What do you like to do when it rains?
Chapter 15 Part 1:
Chapter 15 Part 1 Question:
Why do you think their hands are different?
Chapter 15 Part 2:
Chapter 15 Part 2 Question: 
What would you have done in Bruno's position?
Chapter 16:
Chapter 16 Questions:
How has Gretel changed since the story began?
How have you changed over a year?
Chapter 17:
Chapter 17 Questions:
What do Bruno's parents argue about?
Do you understand what has happened in the book so far?
Chapter 18:
Chapter 18 Questions:
What plan do the boys make?
What plans have you made with your friends?
Final Chapters:
Final Chapters' Questions:
How did Bruno imagine the camp?
How do you feel at the end of the story?
If you could change the ending, what would you change?