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Term 5

Here is the work set from Term 5:

Make a presentation on our solar system
Include information on:-
Why the sun is a star?
Why are planets not stars?
List properties of each planet eg distance from the sun , mass , average temperatures,
Relative gravitational pull and composition of the atmosphere.

You could make models of the planets and paint them.

Research and make presentation on food chains and food webs.
Information to include:-
What is a food chain?
What is a food web?
Draw a food web with at least 6 food chains.
About how many trophic  levels can each chain have?
What happens to the amount of energy transferred at each level?

Make a presentation on chemical reactions.
Some reactions are chemical and some physical. What is the difference?
Make a cake.
Why is cooking a chemical reaction?
What are reactants in a chemical reaction?

Make a video.
Make a model of a volcano
Make lava by adding bicarbonate of soda and vinegar.
What are the reactants in this reaction?
What are the products?
Why does the reaction stop?


You can send your work through to school at