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Grange Park School

Learning for Life - Personalised Pathways for All

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Starting at Grange Park School

Transition from Year 6 to Year 7

Moving to secondary school is a huge step for young children and can cause anxiety and stress. For children on the Autism Spectrum, this anxiety is magnified. At Grange Park, we are particularly aware of these extra pressures and try to make the transition as stress-free as possible for children as well as parents/carers. This is what we do:


  • A Welcome Pack is sent to parents/carers. This contains all the forms that need to be completed.

  • A coffee morning for new parents/carers is held in June. This is a chance to meet school staff and ask any questions.

  • We gather information from your child’s primary school and ask them to help your son/daughter complete an “All about Me” questionnaire.

  • Four transition days in June/July.

  • A pupil handbook containing useful information about school.

  • Meetings with the Speech and Language Therapist and Year 7 teacher in June/July. This is an opportunity for parents to tell us about their child and their autism and express any concerns. After all, parents know their child better than anyone else!


In-Year Transition

Where a child transfers to Grange Park during the school year, a personalised transition programme is put together in consultation with parents and the local authority.


Transition from Key Stage 4 to Key Stage 5

When a pupil reaches the end of Key Stage 4, they have the option of moving into Key Stage 5 at Grange Park School or moving to another suitable provision. The majority of our pupils will stay at Grange Park School either at the Wrotham site or one of our three partnership colleges.


Transition for Grange Park Pupils

The process begins in Year 9 when we discuss in a Transition Review what parents and pupils would like to do in Key Stage 5. There is then a 2 year period where we work towards with parents and the pupil ensuring that they makes a successful transition into Key Stage 5. This is what we do:


  • Year 9 Transition Review

  • Parents’ Visits to Grange Park School’s Key Stage 5 provisions (Mid Kent College Medway, Mid Kent College Maidstone and Hadlow College) – Year 11

  • Parents’ and Students’ Visits – Year 11

  • Taster Days in Year 11

  • Support with College applications and interviews (Year 11)


Students transferring into KS5 from other provisions

Students are also able to transfer to Grange Park School from other provisions at the end of Key Stage 4. For information regarding admissions, please see the Grange Park Admissions Policy and speak to your AEN Officer.


Once a student is accepted into Key Stage 5, we work with the student’s current school and parents to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible. This is what we do:


  • A welcome pack is sent to parents/carers with all the forms that need to be completed.

  • A student handbook containing information about Key Stage 5

  • Parents’ Visits

  • Two Taster Days

  • We gather information from your child’s secondary school.

  • Meetings are arranged with the Speech and Language Therapist in June/July if applicable.

No transition is worry free but hopefully this will make the process as smooth as possible!