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Grange Park School

Learning for Life - Personalised Pathways for All

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Staff List

Senior Leadership 

Ms Renukah Atwell - Executive Headteacher (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Mr Mark Cleave - Head of School Wrotham (Lead Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Mrs Rene Chetty-Marson - Head of School Stansted

Ms Zoe McNally - Business Manager

Mr Lee Cooper - Assistant Headteacher Post 16 (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Miss Carolyn Underhill - Assistant Headteacher, Year 10 & 11 Progress Leader and Numeracy Co-ordinator



Extended Leadership

Mrs Jo Gould - Mental Health & Wellbeing Co-Ordinator, Maths Teacher (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Mrs Sharon Brooks - Year 7, 8 & 9 Progress Leader and Design Technology Teacher (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Miss Sarah Dobney - Key Stage 5 Progress Leader

Mrs Hannah Mellor - Speech and Language Therapist*

Ms Maxine Hamilton - College Partnership Manager

Teaching Staff

Mr Lee Cooper - Computing & Business

Mrs Jo D’Amiral- Music *

Mrs Amanda Dixon - English (Year 7 Form Tutor)

Miss Sarah Dobney - KS5 & PE 

Mrs Jo Gould - Maths

Mrs Elizabeth Hayter - Food Technology and Art (Year 10b tutor)

Mrs Morgan Hughes - PE (Year 10a Form Tutor)*

Mr Luan Kulla - Science

Mrs Rhea Lovelock - Primary Teacher

Mrs Abigail Rodreigo - Primary Teacher (Year 4 & 5) (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Mrs Grace Rose - Humanities and Teacher in Charge of SCERTS and Interventions (Year 9 Form Tutor)

Ms Georgina Self - Primary Teacher

Mrs Maryon Shaddock - English (Year 11 Form Tutor) and Literacy Co-ordinator

Mrs Binda Taylor - Science & Raising Standards Lead

Miss Carolyn Underhill - Maths

Ms Zeynep Usenmez - Textiles (DT Specialist)

Miss Jemma Woodhead - Primary Teacher (Year 6)

Cover Supervisors

Miss Hannah Batchelor 

Mrs Jessica Batchelor

Mr Dakota Dibben


Learning Mentors

Miss Charliiee Armstrong - Hadlow College Learning Mentor

Mrs Karen Barrett – Mid Kent College Maidstone Learning Mentor

Mr Harvey Beard - Primary Learning Mentor

Mrs Valerie Cave-Brown - KS5 Senior Learning Mentor

Miss Libby Cavey - Year 10 Learning Mentor

Mrs Leigh Clarke - Year 10b Learning Mentor

Mrs Claire Cross - Year 7 Learning Mentor

Mrs Rebecca Eyre - Year 10b Learning Mentor

Miss Cara Hall - Mid Kent College Learning Mentor

Mrs Jane Harrison – Mid Kent College Maidstone Learning Mentor

Miss Francesca Hartley - Mid Kent College Learning Mentor

Mr Richard Huggins - Mid Kent College Learning Mentor

Miss Tanya Liddiard - Year 11 Learning Mentor

Miss Charlotte Martin - Mid Kent College Medway Learning Mentor

Mrs Paula Martin - Senior Learning Mentor (Key Stage 5)

Mrs Jacqueline Mitchell – Hadlow College Learning Mentor

Mrs Jean Moule – Partnerships Lead Learning Mentor

Mrs Lesley Rundle - Year 9 Learning Mentor

Ms Renu Sharma - Mid Kent College Medway Learning Mentor

Mrs Liz Somerford - Learning Mentor

Miss Lexy Steel - Hadlow College Learning Mentor

Mrs Wendy Towner - Primary Learning Mentor

Mrs Connie Waterson - English/Year 11 Learning Mentor

Ms Zeynep Usenmez - Science Technician

Therapy Team

Mrs Hannah Mellor - Speech and Language Therapist (Therapy Lead)*

Ms Ellen Griffiths - Consultant  Speech and Language Therapist*

Mrs Amy Lettington - Consultant  Speech and Language Therapist*

Mrs Laura Doran - SALT Assistant

Mrs Jo Looney - SALT Assistant*

Mr Sam Lewis – Consultant Occupational Therapist *

Mrs Sarah Macintyre- Consultant Occupational Therapist *

Admin Staff

Miss Stephanie Carter - Administrator

Mrs Suzanne Irvine - Exams/Finance Officer

Ms Caroline Kirkpatrick - PA to the Senior Leadership Team

Ms Luisa Money - Administrator

Miss Alicia Taylor - Admin Apprentice

Support Staff

Mrs Vicki Cooper - Kitchen Assistant (Wrotham & Stansted)

Mrs Adele Dawkins - Cleaner (Stansted)

Ms Ana Fernandes – Kitchen Assistant (Wrotham)

Mr Paul Hanna – Site Manager

Mrs Penny Hazelden – Cook in Charge

Miss Karen Jones - Mid Day Meal Supervisor

Miss Donna Stevens - Cleaner (Wrotham)


* indicates part-time staff