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Grange Park School

Learning for Life - Personalised Pathways for All

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Staff List

Senior Leadership 

Head Teacher – Mr Robert Wyatt

Deputy Head - Miss Renukah Atwell

Business Manager - Ms Zoe McNally

Middle Leadership

Mrs Sharon Brooks - KS4 Progress Leader and Design Technology Teacher

Mrs Jo Gould - Year 7 Progress Leader and Maths Teacher

Miss Carolyn Underhill - Year 8 & 9 Progress Leader and Maths Teacher

Mr Simon Sim - KS5 Progress Leader, ICT and Careers Teacher

Mrs Amanda Conington-White - Partnerships Development Manager

Teaching Staff

Mrs Sam Large –  KS5 (Wrotham) form tutor

Mrs Alison Brown - English (Year 9 form tutor)*

Mrs Louisa Dawes – Humanities (Year 10 form tutor)*

Mrs Elizabeth Hayter - Food Technology and Art (Year 7b tutor)

Mrs Lisa Freeman - English (Year 9 form tutor)

Mrs Binda Taylor - Science (Year 10 form tutor)

Mrs Maryon Shaddock - English (Year 8 form tutor)

Miss Grace Wilkins - Humanities (Year 11 form tutor)

Miss Louise Wilson - PE (Year 7a form tutor)

Teaching Assistants

Miss Charliiee Armstrong - Hadlow College TA

Mrs Louisa Barnieh - Year 10 TA

Mrs Karen Barrett – Mid Kent College Maidstone Senior TA

Mr Luke Cato - Mid Kent College Medway TA

Mr Stuart Dane - Mid Kent College Medway Senior TA

Mrs Maria de Leon - Year 9 TA

Mrs Laura Doran - Year 7a TA

Mr Alastair Field - Year 10 TA

Miss Bethany Gerrish - Mid Kent College Medway TA

Miss Maxine Hamilton – Mid Kent College Medway TA

Mrs Jane Harrison – Mid Kent College Maidstone TA

Mrs Carolyn Jakes - Hadlow College TA

Mr Sam Jandu - Mid Kent College Medway TA

Miss Melanie Jenkins - Year 9 TA

Ms Georgette King - Year 10 TA

Mrs Mandy Lloyd - Year 11 TA

Mrs Jo Looney - SALT Assistant and Year 7b TA

Mr Billy Lowman - Year 8 TA

Mrs Paula Martin - Year 9 TA

Mr James Masters – KS5 Wrotham TA

Mrs Tracey Mills - Year 7b TA

Mrs Jo Millsom – Year 8 TA

Mrs Jacqueline Mitchell – Hadlow College TA

Mrs Jean Moule – Partnerships Lead TA

Mrs Allison Ozanne – Mid Kent College Medway TA

Ms Antonina Peneva - Mid Kent College Medway TA

Ms Renu Sharma - Mid Kent College Medway TA

Mrs Karen Smith - KS5 Wrotham TA

Miss Lexy Steel - Hadlow College TA

Ms Kim Trotman - Cover Supervisor and Year 10 Tutor

Ms Suzanne Walter – Mid Kent College Medway TA

Mrs Connie Waterson - English and Year 11 TA

Therapy Team

Mrs Hannah Mellor - SALT

Mrs Amy Lettington - SALT *

Mr Francis Harvey – Clinical Psychologist *

Mr Sam Lewis – Occupational Therapist *

Mrs Sarah Macintyre- Occupational Therapist *

Support Staff

Mrs Sarah Chillington – EHCP Administrator *

Ms Ana Fernandes – Kitchen Assistant/Cleaner*

Mr Paul Hanna – Caretaker

Mrs Penny Hazelden – Cook in Charge

Mrs Pauline Lowman – Office Manager/Exams Officer

Mrs Lorain Mayes – Receptionist/Clerical Assistant

Mrs Donna Stevens - Cleaner* (currently on maternity leave)

Miss Emily Woolway - Finance Assistant

* indicates part-time staff