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Severe Snow/Ice Plan - College Partnerships

Every winter brings the possibility of snow and ice.  Extreme bad weather can cause widespread and prolonged disruption.  Schools and Colleges are often affected and it can be difficult to maintain an education service.

As a fundamental principle, every effort must be made to keep schools and colleges open, even if only limited numbers of students can attend.  However, schools or colleges may close due to “unavoidable” circumstances.  Those circumstances being that it is no longer safe for staff or students to be onsite.


How will we let you know if the college is closed?

If we do experience severe snow/ice resulting in hazardous conditions:-

Parents can directly contact Maxine Hamilton on 07591 852944 or Jean Moule on 07840 506638

​​​Parents and students should follow the guidance from the college site that their son/daughter is currently attending.

Due to the varied locations of each campus, the college may make a decision to close, one site or all sites, or remain open, dependent on the severity of the weather at each campus.

Parents and students should go to Google, log on to the main MKC  home page, the college will provide information should it be open or closed, this is usually highlighted in yellow, at the top of the page. The college will update the information on a daily basis.

Tutors will email students with set work to be completed at home for each snow day. 

Partnership students will not be requested to travel or work at the School site, if the college is closed and the school is open.


What can you do to help?

Please visit for more information about gritting routes and travel issues around Kent so you can plan your journey.

Don’t forget suitable warm clothing – gloves, hats, scarves, wellies etc. or even a change of clothing.

If you are a working parent or feel you may have a problem with a sudden earlier pick up or early arrival of your child at home, please could you put a back-up plan in place with another family member or parent and inform the college.  If your child travels by taxi, then we will inform you that the college will be closing early to ensure you are fully aware that your child will be arriving home early.  This will allow staff to leave earlier for their safety if weather dictates.