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Year 9a:

Please access Collins connect: 

Username: science

Password: science20


Term 6: Concentrate on Chapter 6: Waves and Energy Transfer on Collins connect    and select the y9 science lessons



Year 9b:



Make a model or draw a cell.
Label the main parts.
List the job of each part of the cell.
Answer the following questions
What is a tissue ( not something you blow your nose on)?
What is an organ?
What is an organ system?
Make a model of the digest system .
Label the main parts.
What happens in each part of the digestive system?
Where is physical and chemical digestion taking place?
How does digested food pass to the cells?

Research and make presentation on respiration.
What is respiration?
Where in the cell does it happen?
What are the reactants?
What are the products?
Why is it essential?

Research a genetically transmitted disease.
How is it transmitted ?
What are the symptoms?
Are there any cures?


You can send your work in to