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School Transport

We understand that transport to and from school can often be an emotive issue for both parents and children alike. For some, it is the first time that children will be going off on their own and can sometimes involve travelling quite considerable distances.


At Grange Park, all pupils travel by taxi (or minibus) to and from school. Depending on the run and the child, this could be in a taxi with other pupils or on their own. Again depending on the run and the child/children, an escort may or may not accompany them.


The taxi will collect the child from a designated point agreed with parents/carers and will bring them to school where they will wait with them until the school doors open at 8.30am. At the end of the day, the taxi driver or escort will collect the children from their classrooms and bring them back home.


The contract regarding transport is arranged through Kent County Council and while Grange Park will help and support parents/carers as much as possible, it is the responsibility of parents/carers to arrange it.


Please note that if a child is not in school or will be collected from school by someone else, parents/carers need to notify the taxi company as well as school.


If you have any concerns or queries regarding transport, please contact either Kent School Transport on 03000 414141 or Medway School Transport on 01634 331155.


A copy of the Home to School Transport Guidance 2017-2018  can be downloaded here. Further details on transport and how to apply can be found by following the link