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Post 16 Transition for Students with ASC

Transition from Key Stage 4 to Key Stage 5

When a pupil reaches the end of Key Stage 4, they have the option of moving into Key Stage 5 at Grange Park School or moving to another suitable provision. The majority of our pupils will stay at Grange Park School either at the Wrotham site or one of our three partnership colleges. These are Hadlow College, Mid-Kent College Maidstone and Medway.


Transition for Grange Park Pupils

The process begins in the Year 9 EHCP by setting a transition outcome, with parents and pupils, based on a pathway to achieve the pupil’s aspirations for Post-16/further education/work. We then review this transition outcome as part of the EHCP process and set new outcomes every year to work towards ensuring that they makes a successful transition into Key Stage 5.


This is what we do:

  • Year 9 EHCP – setting of Transition Target

  • Year 9-11 Parents’ have opportunities to visit to Grange Park School’s Key Stage 5 provisions (Mid Kent College Medway, Mid Kent College Maidstone and Hadlow College)

  • Parents and Pupils have the opportunity to consult with KS4 and KS5 Progress Leaders, independent careers advisor and subject teachers at annual school events, EHCP reviews, parents’ evenings, parents’ group etc.

  • Support with College applications and interviews (Year 11)

  • College Course Taster Days in Year 11


Grange Park Post 16 has two pathways:

  • Post 16 at Grange Park – students have a curriculum made up of a mixture of qualifications, work placements and community activities. The curriculum is designed around the needs of students who are not yet at the academic level to access college courses (i.e. below EL3) or students who are not able to cope with the social or environmental demands of college. We recommend parents discuss their concerns about their child transitioning to college with Grange Park staff. All transitions can be highly anxious events for all involved, which can lead to pathways being prematurely ignored; we have developed an excellent college package that removes the barriers that many students with ASC have to accessing college.

  • Post 16 at Mid Kent College, Medway, or at Hadlow College - students attend College with Grange Park staff support, they attend a College vocational course (range of subject areas on offer) or Supported Internship and then the appropriate level English and Maths qualification. The Grange Park college provisions are 5 day provisions (rather than the usual 3 day) and so students will be supported with their college work and do other activities including developing independence skills, employability, finance and PSD qualifications, travel training, work placements etc. The curriculum and support provided is tailored to the educational and social needs and aspirations of each individual student.

Key Stage 4 to Key Stage 5 Transition Timeline in Year 11



What Happens

What You Need To Do

End of September

1) Pupils talk with staff about College & KS5 options

2) Pupils send questions to College staff and current students


Early October

Open evening for parents (pupils) to visit colleges

Complete response form to attend the relevant open day


Parents’ briefing about KS5 transition/Q&A

Attend briefing at Grange Park School, Wrotham

Early December

1) Pupils make provisional college course choices

2) Pupils to have created Personal Statements

Parents discuss this at home




Pupils’ personal statements and data sharing letter are sent home for parents to approve

Parents check their child’s personal statement and send with an approval form.

Early January

Teachers provide predicted grades for Year 11-14 pupils

Predicted grades will be sent home.


Applications to college made by Grange Park Staff

Complete and return consent form agreeing to course choice.


Pupils will receive letter inviting them for an interview

Parents to inform the school of time and date.

Any difficulties with appointment time/date.


Interviews for college courses

Parents to take their children to and collect children from college – pupils are supported by GPS staff. Parents are unable to be in interview.


Pupils receive a confirmation letter of the offer from college

Parents share letters they get with school.


KCC transport form is sent home to be completed.

Parents complete and send form with letter


Pupils have transition days to college/KS5 Wrotham.



Throughout The Year

EHCP Transition Targets set in Yr10, Yr11 and KS5

Discuss possible transition options with your child and bring those ideas to their EHCP annual review.

Careers Advice for Year 10, 11 and KS5

Reports from career advisor will be sent home


Come and look at the provisions:

Tours of the school and colleges run regularly throughout the year. These are often at 16:00 so as to provide a quiet opportunity to look around the facilities and more opportunity to ask questions. There is also a virtual tour on the school website in the About Us page.