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Grange Park School

Learning for Life - Personalised Pathways for All

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Occupational Therapy

We have two Occupational Therapists, Sam Lewis and Sarah Macintyre, working within the school on a consultancy basis for two days a week. Sam and Sarah have worked at the school for a considerable time and understand the needs of our pupils.  


Occupational Therapy is vital to help pupils to get the best from their learning opportunities and to prepare them for their lives after school. They work closely with pupils and members of staff to identify areas of need in order to help with specific difficulties (i.e. handwriting, gross/fine motor skills, sensory issues) with the aim to enable each pupil to discover just how much they can do for themselves.


The Occupational Therapists see the pupils on a one-to-one basis and in class to assess their needs and provide recommendations and advice that is incorporated into the pupil’s school day. This approach means that therapy is not solely an ‘out of class’ experience but aimed at being integrated into the school day, so it is part of what the pupils do.