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NAS Autism Accreditation - Advanced Status

Grange Park has been accredited by the National Autistic Society for many years. For school leaders and governors this robust assessment and monitoring focus all we do in meeting the needs of young people with a diagnosis of autism.  The school had been working towards advanced status and was awarded this prestigious award in 2020. 


Grange Park is the only school in Kent to be awarded Advanced Status and one of 40 worldwide.  


Autism Accreditation Advanced Status


In October 2020, Grange Park were re-assessed by the National Autistic Society and were awarded Advanced Status by the Autism Accreditation committee.


The committee stated that:

“The assessment report provides compelling evidence that Grange Park School offers highly personalised support for autistic young people rooted in a robust understanding of autism specific best practice approaches. Access to high quality continuous CPD ensure that staff are well trained in these approaches and they implement them with a commitment to supporting each student to achieve their full potential. Students are provided with meaningful and engaging activities which enable them to become more confident in their social skills and functional life skills and increasingly more independent as they transition towards adulthood. Many strengths are highlighted in the report including the outstanding Sensory Provision and the effective use of Zones of Regulation and SCERTS. Ofsted confirm that the overwhelming majority of students in the school exceed expected progress and that staff carry out safeguarding duties ‘exceptionally well’. In confidential surveys carried out by Accreditation, over 94 per cent of parents rated the support their child received as always good whilst over 88 % of autistic pupils themselves consider that staff consistently understand their needs.”


What stood out as particular strengths:

• The Senior Team and all staff demonstrate an unwavering commitment to supporting every student at Grange Park to achieve at their highest level and to develops skills, qualities and attributes that will enhance their whole life.

• All staff demonstrate a robust, consistent and specialist knowledge and understanding of autism through best practice methods and approaches.

• The Senior Team and Therapists invest in regular high quality CPD that ensures positive outcomes for all students. This includes thorough induction and weekly training, internal and external speakers, student involvement and focused autism specific performance management targets

• The School offers an extensive community outreach service that offers bespoke packages of training and support to local mainstream schools and colleges, services, work placements and parents. The school is well known in the area for its autism expertise.

• Working in collaboration with therapists the school has outstanding sensory provision. Exceptional practice can be seen throughout the school with students routinely having access to sensory experiences, objects, resources, equipment and activities.

• The use of Zones of Regulation has been embedded throughout the whole school and in every situation. It has enabled a common language for students to manage self-regulation and this has now been extended into the home.

• The use of SCERTS as an assessment tool has enabled students to see, understand and celebrate their significant progress in areas that they may find challenging.

• Structured and unstructured opportunities are in place in all lessons, Enrichment, Forest School and Club Activities for students to develop skills of self-reliance, collaboration, communication and interaction

• Through detailed multi professional assessments, observations, discussion, reflection and ongoing sharing of good practice adults are able to personalise the students’ learning and school experience.

• Qualitative and quantitative data is available and is presented in a range of accessible formats. This information is used to inform decision making at strategic, classroom and student level.

• Students’ emotional wellbeing is a high priority. Many students come to Grange Park having been out of school for a long time. The school’s holistic approach to student wellbeing has meant students being successfully reintegrated into education.

• Transition from School to College is planned in depth followed through with tiered and structured support once students start their course. Each student’s readiness is considered within a three-year window of opportunity in KS5.


What else the provision does well:

• Governors are actively involved with the school, monitor academic and SCERTS progress and are represented at all social and academic events.

• Relationships with parents are excellent. The school has an open- door policy. Feedback from the school’s internal parental questionnaires and training are very positive. This is confirmed in the online confidential NAS survey

• The school encourages its staff to undertake research in the field of autism to enhance their own practice as well as sharing findings with colleagues at Grange Park and other local schools and provisions.

• Relationships between staff and students are outstanding. Students respond well to interactions, interventions and support.

• The school environment is calm and low arousal. The Senior Team have ensured consistency across both the primary and secondary departments.

• Work Experience opportunities are varied and well supported. Students also have Work experience in the school environment as part of their curriculum.


The full report can be downloaded below.