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Grange Park School

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NAS Autism Accreditation

Following our review by Autism Accreditation , the review team summarised Grange Park School's practice as follows:

Grange Park School demonstrates excellent knowledge and understanding of autism which consistently informs practice. The high level of consistency and continuity in autism practice across classrooms provides a predictable and safe environment in which pupils were observed to be clearly happy and engaged in their learning. The exceptional behaviour management and support across the school ensures that any behaviours that challenge are short lived and effectively addressed and ‘helpful behaviours’ are rewarded accordingly. This consistent approach promotes a calm environment and good working ethos which motivates pupils to learn and achieve.

Grange Park School’s most recent review in September 2018 led to a continued Accredited status and the committee found evidence that aspects of practice are at the advanced level. In particular: 

  • Grange Park particularly excel in supporting students with macro transitions both into the school and then on to college or work. The partnership between Grange Park School and Mid Kent Colleges is outstanding and led by a team of committed professionals. The staff were able to provide countless success stories of students going to college and achieving their dreams and aspirations such as learning to drive. The progress students make throughout their time both at the school and college is impressive.  Students have gone on to work placements, internships and University. Programmes are highly personalised and draw on the strengths of the students. During the college observations, support was targeted and autism specific so students could learn strategies to break down the barriers to their learning, communication and social interaction.

  • The sensory experience for students has been well planned and maintained. There is a consistent approach to the environment reducing sensory distractions which has a positive impact on students' focus and attention in lessons.  In addition to this staff knowledge of sensory support is embedded in practice. Students also demonstrated a good understanding of identifying and regulating their emotions. This has a positive impact on their ability to feel calm and in control.

  • All staff had an unconditional positive regard for the students, going above and beyond to enable students to flourish and support each child’s personal development of into adulthood.

  • Partnership work with other professionals and families was felt to be an area the school did well in, for example the CLASS program, as well as the training and advice provided in order to upskill families.

The full report can be downloaded below.


The school are currently working with the National Autistic Society with the aim of achieving "Enhanced Status" later in the academic year.