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Lego Therapy

During the intervention lessons being run for Key Stage 3 once a week, many pupils access Lego Therapy overseen by the SaLT team.

What is LEGO Therapy?

It is a therapy designed to increase pupils' social interaction skills. In the group, each pupil has a role to play:

  • Engineer – holds the instructions, asks the supplier for bricks and gives building instructions.

  • Supplier – finds the bricks and passes them to the builder.

  • Builder – follows the Engineer’s instructions to build the model.

Why LEGO Therapy?

There is scientific evidence to show that after participating in LEGO Therapy pupils showed more social interaction within the playground as well as creating meaningful bonds with their peers (DB LeGoff).

What skills does it teach?
  • Working with others

  • Learning self-help skills

  • Communication

  • Problem solving skills

  • Listening to and following instructions

  • Teamwork

  • Turn taking

  • It’s fun!

  • It enables pupils to practise social skills whilst doing something they enjoy and are good at.

  • It encourages pupils to communicate and play with each other.

  • It gives pupils a shared interest to talk about.