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Grange Park School

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Pupils learn the art of floristry and have fun being creative. This course is for pupils who enjoy working with flowers and would like to learn how to make arrangements, bouquets and decorative displays for all occasions.

For pupils who have never worked with flowers before and would like learn, it can be very rewarding and quite therapeutic.

Are you creative? Would you like to learn how to be more creative?

All the traditional favourites will be included as well as giving you the option to create ideas of your own.

We will mostly be working with artificial flowers and materials but we will also work with some fresh flowers and foliage.


Qualifications Available: NCFE Level 1 Certificate in Creative Craft (Floristry)

Internal Assessment

External Assessment

Coursework completed in small units of work

Work experience at our local flower shop

Visits to floristry wholesaler



Programme of Study

Made up of 3 Units

Unit 1 – Explore Craft Resources

  1. Explore a range of tools and equipment to support craft ideas
  2. Identify different materials to support craft ideas
  3. Explore the properties of available craft materials
  4. Explore basic craft techniques
  5. State safe working practices to be used when working with selected tools and materials.


Unit 2 – Explore Craft Ideas

  1. Use different sources to explore craft ideas
  2. Use visual language to communicate craft ideas
  3. Discuss craft ideas with others
  4. Develop craft ideas in response to feedback
  5. Identify preferred craft idea giving reasons for choice
  6. List health and safety factors relevant to craft idea

Unit 3 – Create, present and review final floristry item

  1. Plan for the production of final floristry work
  2. Produce floristry items
  3. Present final floristry items
  4. Review the whole creative process
  5. Maintain a safe working environment