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Grange Park School

Learning for Life - Personalised Pathways for All

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Pupils with Autism Spectrum Condition have a range of issues with literacy. These include:

  • Understanding underlying or depth of meaning in written text

  • Using their imagination to enjoy, understand and create fictional text

  • Understanding abstract verbal and written information

  • Weak phonological (sound) awareness leading to difficulties with spelling

  • Limited working memory and slow processing speed leading to difficulties with retaining and processing information at the same time

  • Generating original grammatically correct language for spoken and written work

  • Understanding that other people may have different ideas, opinions, beliefs and likes to their own

  • Motor/sensory difficulties with writing

At Key Stage 3:

  • The teaching of English is broken into - Reading, Writing and Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar, with reading being the key to developing other skills and  knowledge across all other curriculum subjects.

Speaking and listening skills are encouraged at every opportunity through all lessons especially English and reading lessons and through our assembly programme which is based on debating a range of issues related to current news events such and Picture News and News round.


We link our English text topic studied each term. Children also have access to Topic related books to help them relate their learning in English to learning in the foundation subjects.


We teach English – both reading and writing and base the content of our curriculum on National Curriculum guidelines.  British Values and Rights Respecting is taught through the teaching of English, we explore issues that affect us all in our lives and this helps the children develop skills, they will need to be effective citizens now and in the future.  Tolerance and respect are modelled through debates and discussions.


By the time some pupils reach secondary school, they may have developed a severe lack of confidence in their own abilities. At Grange Park we provide pupils with relevant, interesting activities, resources and learning opportunities. We also help them to overcome their difficulties by providing appropriate and individual strategies and support as follows:

  • Multi-media resources

  • Specialist equipment and technology

  • Creating opportunities to explore texts and topics through role-play and film

  • Using a range of visual material to support their thoughts and imagination such as Mind Maps and  key words

  • Finding ways to enable them to express their thoughts and opinions clearly when writing and speaking by using scaffolding techniques.

  • Specific interventions such as Read Write Inc.

We develop cross curricular links with other subjects in order to enhance pupil learning and develop essential life skills for adult life.


At Key Stage 4, our learners sit a range of exams suited to their level of learning. These include GCSE, Functional Skills Entry Level 1 up to Level 2, Entry Level Certificate 1,2 and 3 and AQA Unit Awards.


At Key Stage 5, some students carry on their studies at college supported by staff from Grange Park while others remain on site. They continue to be taught English and further links are made between other curriculum subjects. We encourage the students to develop their life skills and to work as independently as possible. 


For further information about our English curriculum, please contact our Head of English, Mr Paul Devlin.