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College/Key Stage 5 Transition Information Feedback

Thank you to all the parents who attended the sessions, and to all those who gave us feedback.

It was great to hear that you found the meeting helpful as seen in the graph below


Within the feedback, several parents commented on their child needing support with picking the right course.


This is something that is focussed on, particularly in KS4, with pupils having the opportunity to work with careers advisors, as well as staff at Grange Park, to begin to identify possibly options. We also attend College open days so pupils can have an opportunity to meet staff in different courses and find out more information. Soon we will have college brochures to send home to you, and of course the colleges have websites which you can access to begin to get some ideas on possible courses. We will support you to help support your child to pick a course that is suitable for them.


One suggestion from a parent included some more precise course information. This is something we are going to look into for future sessions. Every year our cohorts choose a varying selection of courses, as pupils pick what is related to their interests and their possible plans for the future. However, in future sessions we will give parents more information on the courses that there are and what these might look like.