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Grange Park School

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Admissions Information

Grange Park School caters for pupils with an Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) and associated learning difficulties aged between 11-19 years. All pupils will have an Education Health Care Plan and are referred to the school for admission from Kent County Council SEN Assessment and Placement Service. There are admissions criteria for each special school that are applied in order to determine if a particular special school would be a suitable placement. A link to the admissions criteria for Kent special schools can be found below:


Pupils will normally be admitted to Grange Park School at the beginning of the academic year after Key Stage 2 (Primary/Secondary transfer) and after Key Stage 4 (to Key Stage 5 education). In addition, pupils may also be admitted at the end of Key Stage 3 in order to access the courses on offer, particularly accreditation and vocational work. Pupils who apply for places during the academic year e.g. if they move to Kent from another LA will be considered according to the admissions criteria.

Grange Park School Admissions Criteria

The pupils at Grange Park School will have an Autism Spectrum Condition, communication and interaction needs and learning difficulties.  These needs will present a barrier to accessing the curriculum and this may lead to achievement substantially below their peer group. They may also have one or more of the following:

  • A semantic/pragmatic disorder (social use of language)
  • Difficulty with social relationships within the peer group
  • Substantially lower achievement than the normal peer group
  • Variable underlying cognitive abilities
  • Behaviours relating to their ASD diagnosis

All pupils will generally be achieving in one or more areas of the curriculum at below age-related expectations. Grange Park School also caters for the needs of the more able pupils by offering a Level 2 accreditation pathway (GCSE).

An assessment is made of all new pupils’ needs by the SALT and Year 7 Progress Lead and is based on:

  • Previous school information
  • Early review of available documentation
  • Classroom Observation
  • School Visits
  • Talking with the pupil and questionnaire
  • Interview with parents
  • Baseline Assessment Tests
  • Speech & Language Therapist Assessment

It is essential that the curriculum on offer at Grange Park School meets the needs of the pupils. In order to facilitate efficiency of learning, there should be an appropriate peer group and a vacancy in the Year Group. It is also essential that pupils are able to work in classrooms and transition between rooms.

Additional criteria will be:

  • Distance, allied to the nearest appropriate school
  • Balance of gender
  • Severity related to a number of needs

Grange Park School does not offer 1:1 support. Each class however has TA support.

KCC Admissions Contact and Advice

The named officer in the relevant Special Educational Needs Teams explains the arrangements for admission to parents and carers as part of the statutory assessment process or as part of any school transition process but further advice is available directly from the Special Educational Needs Teams on the following telephone numbers.

  • East Kent - Tel: 03000 421160
  • South Kent – Tel: 03000 420883
  • North Kent – Tel: 03000 420997
  • West Kent – Tel: 03000 419345
  • Email:

Information, support and advice for special educational needs can also be found by following the link below:


For details of the Grange Park admissions policy, please click here. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you require hard copies of any of our policies, please contact the School Office on 01732 882111.