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7 Weeks of Summer English

This new, extended series of cross-curricular lessons will be called 'El Dorado’, based on the popular school project of the same name.

Aimed at 7-14 year olds, lessons will start from Monday 20th April, and will be released daily at 10:30am, and available at any time after that to fit in your schedule.

Click below to watch the video about El Dorado.:  

This will be a project for your learners to really get their teeth into, culminating in a swash-buckling pirate, treasure-hunting adventure, that can be simply followed along with at home.

Children have been enthused to write using this project for years, so what better way to keep children engaged with the writing process, than to create their own adventure over 7 weeks with us at LitFilmFest Classrooms!

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Additionally, we will be creating 'The Quick-Fire Write' a series of writing challenges weekly, aimed at Key Stage 2, 3 and 4 pupils. Each challenge follows the same format of posing a topical question, watching a short video and then responding to question stimuli to write a response. Watch for more details to follow!