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Year 5 & 6 - The Coastal Classroom

After our drive to Reculver, Oak Class settled into the coastal classroom to begin their learning on maps. They looked on a large OS map to be able to find where Reculver is and used their surroundings to help identify what would be shown on the map around us.


We then looked at using the grids on the maps, and giving the grids their reference numbers, were able to be to say where Reculver was on the maps that we were looking at. We looked at how each square of the grids could also be split up into smaller squares and looked at the details within the map to find things.


We went down to the beach with Anna from Outdoors and took with us our grid square and some bamboo canes to look at being able to create a map on the beach, using the natural resources that we could find around us.


We used materials such as seaweed - which we found several kinds of colours of -and pebbles and shells to help us to       recreate a grid section of a map that we had been given. We identified landmarks, roads, footpaths, rivers and even the sea, to be able to show where our grid had come from on the maps. The long pieces of seaweed made for great road markings! And by moving some of the sand and using the sea water that was already on the beach, one team even managed to capture the sea in their grid!


While we were collecting our natural resources, we came across some small creatures in the rock pools too,         including this little male crab, which pupils were able to look at in close detail, before returning it carefully to its home.