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Grange Park School

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Defibrillator Training for GP Staff

Grange Park School staff receive training from South East NHS Paramedic Dave Hawkins on their new defibrillator

Grange Park School, being concerned for the welfare of their pupils and wider school community, have invested in a defibrillator. The staff recently received training from South East NHS Critical Care Paramedic, Dave Hawkins to ensure they can provide the best care for anyone suffering a cardiac arrest.

Dave Hawkins provides this training for free for organisations in Dartford, Gravesend and Sevenoaks and campaigns for defibrillators in all schools and communities. He does this in his own time to reduce the number of preventable deaths. Every year 270 pupils die from cardiac arrests in schools in the UK and every minute a cardiac arrest suffer goes without CPR or a defibrillator means a 7-10% reduction in the chance of survival.

What to do if you witness a cardiac arrest:

  1. Call 999

Try to wake the person. If they do not respond call 999 and CPR should be administered.

  1. Start CPR

The emergency services will be on their way and you should be starting chest compressions (100-120 a minute). Ask others to find the defibrillator and support you with chest compressions.

  1. Look for a defibrillator

They are most commonly in public places such as schools, train stations, community halls, shopping centres, airports and leisure centres.