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Lessons in Financial Education (Finance Capabilty Level 1/2)

Students follow a 3 unit course which reflects their ability to use relevant knowledge and skills to complete routine tasks. This includes understanding basic financial encounters and understanding what influences how we save and spend and how we manage money. Students must complete the Level 1 Award before progessing onto Units 2 and 3.

Key Stage 5 Coverage Plan


Unit 1 - Your personal finances

  • Money

  • Sources of money

  • Storing money safely

  • Spending an budgeting

  • Saving and Selling

  • Borrowing

  • What is insurance?

  • How do we keep our money safe

Unit 2 - Money management for your generation

  • Modern banking

  • Pay and pay calculations

  • Types of payment card

  • The cost of borrowing

  • Using money abroad

  • Financial difficulties and their consequences

  • Financial advice and protection

Unit 3 - Your future, your career

  • The financial services industry
  • Routes into financial careers
  • Roles and career paths
  • Planning your career