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Grange Park School

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Grange Park Year 7 Catch-up Funding

The government provides secondary schools with an amount of money to ensure that pupils who enter Year 7 at a level below that expected for their age are able to make rapid progress and ‘catch-up’ with their peers during Year 7. Last year this funding totalled £4500.

The school spends this fund on the provision of additional phonic and paired reading intervention. The impact of these interventions are carefully monitored and their delivery adjusted accordingly.

Last year the Year 7 entrants all entered the school at a level below that expected for their age – some well below. Over the course of the year progress was accelerated overall with some pupils making exceptional progress and attainment rising.


% making expected or exceeding expected progress



Year 7 2015-16

100% (100% EEP)

100% (66% EEP)