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Grange Park School

Learning for Life - Personalised Pathways for All

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Grange Park @ Stansted

Welcome to the page for the Primary provision for Grange Park School. We are based in the rural village of Stansted, and just 3.1 miles away from the Secondary site at Wrotham.


The Primary school opened to our first intake of pupils in 2019 and we now have 2 well established year groups in Key Stage 2.


At present, we are not offering any onsite tours of the school, however if you would like to view a virtual tour of the site, please click here.



Learning for Life - Our Vision and Values



Grange Park aspires to be a school where learning needs are identified and met leading to outstanding academic achievement

A school where individual needs are identified and met leading to exceptional personal achievements socially and emotionally

A school where personal aspirations are nurtured leading to the transition to a successful adulthood in the wider community


Grange Park will achieve these aspirations by:

  • Providing an environment which can meet the pupils’ autism needs, where they can feel welcome and safe, meeting people who understand, accept and support them.

  • Enabling pupils to become confident learners through outstanding teaching that meet the needs of the individual, effective learning interventions and the provision of appropriate technology.

  • Enabling pupils to manage their autism, develop coping strategies, develop their social and communication skills and increase their independence.

  • Supporting families in helping them meet the needs of the individual.


All staff committed to the concept of unconditional positive regard for all pupils.

All staff recognise that the needs of the pupils are paramount and mould their own practice to accommodate those needs.

All staff strive to achieve the highest levels of professional conduct acting as positive role models in terms of speech, behaviour, appearance and demeanour both in and out of school. 

All staff recognise and actively engage in their responsibility to the whole staff team in a positive, collaborative and supportive manner.

All staff recognise the need for flexible and adaptable work practices.

All staff committed to continuous professional development and lifelong learning.


Working with others


We believe that parents/carers are the experts on their children and that an effective partnership is essential in order to achieve the highest possible success for each pupil. We believe that Grange Park should have fluent lines of communication in order to share its knowledge, skills and understanding with parents/carers.

The school are currently working to gain the Leading Parent Partnership Award. We are working with stakeholders to ensure that they have the information they need.  The school is committed to providing transparent information to parents and maintaining strong lines of communication.

The Wider Community

We believe that the school has a duty to share best practice and this will be done by:

  • Developing partnerships with other schools and colleges

  • Developing an effective Outreach and Inreach Service

  • Linking with local businesses and workplace settings

  • Being actively involved in KsENT and CLASS

  • Developing relationships with our local community


For full details of our Admissions criteria and processes, please click here.


We will be updating the webpage regularly with new information and news.