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Grange Park School

Learning for Life - Personalised Pathways for All

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All pupils at both Wrotham and Stansted sites participate in an enrichment programme. 

Friday Afternoon is dedicated for pupils to develop physical education skills, as well as exploring and discovering new activities that they may not have experienced before.

Enrichment supports our pupils growth and learning with the experiences that encourages social interaction and communication, problem-solving and life skills.


Enrichment opportunities include:



Pupils start by learning what archaeology is and how it is done. They learn the process of mummification by mummifying an orange and also how to carry out an excavation. Pupils also get to use a metal detector to look for hidden coins.  Pupils work in small groups to create their own ancient pottery piece and to sort out various artefacts.

Learning Opportunities: Small group work, speaking and listening roles, problem-solving, sensory activities such as using clay and digging in the soil, trying something new.


Arts and Crafts

Pupils at Stansted have the opportunity to explore a variety of materials and textiles to practice their creative skills and produce items of artwork they are proud of. Examples of projects include tie-dying, clay modelling, sewing, seasonal creations and junk modelling. A calm and quiet environment encourages students to share ideas and support each other, develop conversational skills, and challenge their imagination.  Some examples of the pupil's work can be seen here

Learning Opportunities: Interacting with others, small group work, perseverance and resilience, trying something new, fine motor skills, hand eye coordination. 


Cycling - Cyclo Park, Gravesend

Our Cycling activity offers cycling for every ability. Some pupils cycle around a track that circles around a centre hub where there are opportunities to try different bikes such as 4 wheeled and 3 wheeled bikes, a 3 seater which offers the front person to be strapped in without actually cycling and a bike powered with just the use of your arms. More experienced riders are offered to be taken on a more challenging route both on and off track. Several members of staff are based both on the course riding with the pupils and at the centre hub for support, there is also a fully trained Cyclo Park instructor who leads the sessions.

Learning Opportunities: Small group work on bikes, trying something new, persisting with a challenging task



A qualified karate instructor leads these sessions from the warm-up and stretching to teaching the pupils different karate moves. The instructor tailors each session to adapt to the pupils different ability levels making them fun yet challenging. Pupils learn how to control movements and work together.

Learning Opportunities: Partner work, trying something new, using appropriate gestures/emotions, understanding nonverbal cues


Ice Skating – Planet Ice, Gillingham

At ice skating, pupils are able to enjoy ice skating in a quiet and calm environment. Pupils can practise their balance whilst skating alone or they have the use of a balance aid making this activity accessible for all abilities.  We have staff both on the ice and at the side offering support.

Learning Opportunities: Trying something new, persisting with a challenging task, asking for help,


Adventure Golf – Mr Mulligans, Tonbridge

Pupils work in small teams to complete the crazy golf course in rain and shine! Pupils are able to practice their putting skills with the aspect of problem-solving as they have to work out the best way of completing each hole. Pupils play the same course each week and can therefore really see the improvement they make from the start of the enrichment block to the end of it.  We have several staff members playing alongside the pupils to offer support if needed.

Learning Opportunities: Sharing experiences, small group work, persisting with a challenging task, trying something new, learning through modelled behaviour


Swimming – Mote Park Leisure Centre, Maidstone

At Mote Park pupils are able to enjoy the use of the leisure pool at a quieter time, from shallow to deep this pool offers enjoyment for all abilities.  We have male and female staff in the pool and monitoring from the side as well as trained lifeguards. Pupils are able to practise their swimming skills as well as lots of social skills when in the pool as well as some life skills when changing in the public changing rooms.

Learning Opportunities: Life skills – changing in a public environment, responding to feedback regarding behaviour, interacting in different environments, trying something new


Bowling – Hollywood Bowl, Rochester

With bowling pupils are able to experience bowling in a quieter environment where they are split into different lanes and learn how to hold the ball and find the best size and weight for their ability. Each week the scores are recorded, so they can see their progress over time and learn how to play within a competitive environment. Lots of staff members play alongside the pupils to model appropriate behaviour and offer support.

Learning Opportunities: Dealing with competition, persisting with a challenging task, respond to feedback re behaviour, trying something new, interacting in different environments


Cooking - Onsite

Pupils cook a variety of foods including apple turnovers, pizzas, cream tea and Millie’s cookies. Learning about safety and hygiene is an important aspect of cooking which are embedded in the sessions. This activity is done as a small group where pupils can either enjoy their creations at school or take them home for the family to share.

Learning Opportunities: Following modelled behaviour, reciprocal interaction, learning and interacting with others


Board Games/Puzzles/Lego - Onsite

The pupils enjoy a variety of games and puzzles spread across 2 classrooms to allow for, both a quiet environment for solitary activities and a slightly louder more competitive environment where team games are played. Staff are available to help with instructions and game play and encourage all pupils to interact with each other either through game play or by discussing what they have made e.g. a Lego model.

Learning Opportunities: Small group work, dealing with competition, learning and interacting with others.


Arts and Crafts - Onsite

This activity is done in a small group and provides a quiet, calm environment where pupils can use their creative skills. Pupils create masterpieces on different topical themes over a number of weeks such as at Easter, Christmas and Mother's Day. The projects are guided by staff and allow pupils to develop new skills that they would not necessarily use in their timetabled art lessons.

Learning Opportunities: Small group work, trying something new, following rules of conversation, responding to assistance offered by partners 


Mini Gym/Fitness - Onsite

Pupils participate in this activity at Grange Park School using the machines in our mini-gym, the boxing equipment, basketball hoop and climbing wall. Pupils also participate in a HIIT style workout with staff supporting throughout. This activity allows pupils to be physically active and set themselves personal targets to improve their own fitness.

Learning Opportunities: Persisting with a challenging task, following modelled behaviour, life skills and appropriate behaviour in changing rooms


Boxercise – Meopham Fitness Centre, Meopham

In this activity, pupils learn different boxing techniques, how to safely use pads and gloves and they increase their stamina by participating in fitness exercises using different punches against pads and boxing bags.  Each session is lead by a fully qualified instructor from the fitness centre who puts them in pairs depending on ability. Staff members model behaviour by participating and supporting the session throughout.

Learning Opportunities: Paired work, persisting with a challenging task, trying something new, responds to feedback regarding behaviour


Music & Drama - Onsite

This activity is done in small groups allowing pupils to have a greater confidence to be able to express themselves and perform. Staff guide projects but are lead by the pupils particular interests and skill set. Pupils work together in a small group to produce a performance piece at the end of the enrichment block.

Learning Opportunities: Small group work, dramatic play, learning and interacting, following modelled behaviour 


Animal Encounters - Onsite

Every week the pupils meet 3 new animals and learning about the different rules of how to look after them, what they eat and some conservation and habitat information. Pupils sit in a large circle and take it in turns to meet and sometimes handle each animal whilst keeping still and quiet. Examples of some of the animals they meet are tarantulas, foxes and geckos.  Learning Opportunities: Turn taking, trying something new, following guided behaviour, uses nonverbal behaviour appropriate for the context


Walking – Local area

The group travel to various locations, including Platt Woods, Oldbury Hill, One Tree Hill and Trosley Country Park.  Each location is visited in advance with a thorough risk assessment and a planned small loop of roughly 1-2 miles set. Pupils complete the walks at each location, observing the wildlife and habitats around them. This activity provides a good opportunity for pupils to interact with one another in a relaxed environment.

Learning Opportunities: Sharing attention, shared experiences, following rules of conversation, responding to feedback and guidance regarding behaviour



ICT/Technology/Ipads- Onsite

Pupils learn how to use the programme scratch, creating different projects each week based on pupils interests. Some pupils who already have some knowledge on the programme are encouraged to use their expertise to help others and also have the opportunity to expand their current knowledge. Some other programmes that pupils use in this activity are PowerPoint and Excel.

Learning Opportunities: Trying something new, responding to assistance offered by partners


Gym & Tennis – Meopham Fitness Centre, Meopham

For the first term pupils use the equipment in the gym, learning how to safely use each piece of equipment and how it works each part of their body. Pupils will be able to see how their fitness has improved over a number of weeks. In the second term they use the outdoor tennis courts and have some specialist coaching to improve their strokes and play in small matches.

Learning Opportunities: Paired work, following modelled behaviour, participate conventionally in recreation, follows rule of conversation, trying something new


Gymnastics – Meopham, Gravesend

Pupils are able to experience gymnastics within a specialist gymnasium and with specialist equipment in a quiet and calm environment. A fully qualified instructor leads the sessions taking the pupils around the different pieces of equipment beam, bar, trampoline, sponge pit, rope and vault. The instructor adapts activities to suit all ability levels and staff are there throughout to support.

Learning Opportunities: Trying something new, persisting with a challenging task, interacting with the instructor and each other, following modelled behaviour


Trampolining – Gravity, Maidstone

In this activity the children really let of steam! After watching the safety video each week, the children enjoy various different trampoline-based activities. Plenty of school staff are available both jumping with the pupils and monitoring from the edges as well as SOAR staff. Again, this is an excellent opportunity for pupils to experience a trampoline park at a much quieter time.

Learning Opportunities: Trying something new, persisting with a challenging task, following modelled behaviour, interactions


Caring for Animals - Onsite 

We have various different animals in school such as chickens, guinea pigs, a gecko, tortoise and snails. Pupils learn how to care for each of the animals including how to clean out their cages, what food and drink they require and how to check that they are staying healthy. With staff support pupils are responsible for the animal care and some go onto manage this independently.

Learning Opportunities: Trying something new, use appropriate gestures and nonverbal behaviour, follows rules of conversation, responds to assistance offered by partners,