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Grange Park School

Learning for Life - Personalised Pathways for All

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Careers Education

Grange Park Vision for Pupil’s Aspirations

Grange Park’s careers curriculum is developed around the core principle of Learning for Life. A school where personal aspirations are nurtured leading to the transition to a successful adulthood in the wider community.


Grange Park will achieve these aspirations by:

  • Providing an environment, which can meet the pupils’ autism needs, where they can feel welcome and safe, meeting people who understand, accept and support them.
  • Enabling pupils to become confident learners through outstanding teaching that meet the needs of the individual, effective learning interventions and the provision of appropriate technology.
  • Enabling pupils to manage their autism, develop coping strategies, develop their social and communication skills and increase their independence.
  • Supporting families in helping them meet the needs of the individual.

For more information please see the Our Vision and Values page.


Working with others

The Wider Community

We believe that the school has a duty to share best practice and this will be done by:

  • Developing partnerships with other schools and colleges
  • Developing an effective Outreach and In-reach Service
  • Linking with local businesses and workplace settings.

Careers Education

Students receive a comprehensive careers education programme:

  • Pupils in Year 9 to 14 receive annual independent careers advice
  • Pupils and parents can access an independent careers adviser at parents evenings
  • Pupils have access to a library of careers and further education material
  • Key Stage 4 pupils are encouraged and supported in finding work experience placements
  • Key Stage 5 students access a range of work placements specific to their aspirations and to provide a balanced experience of a range of work places and career choices, which is informed by the local job market.
  • Key Stage 5 also provide Independent Travel Training to enable pupils to access work opportunities.
  • Key Stage 5 employ the services of Kent Supported Employment, College Careers Services and Job Coaches to provide individualised work placements appropriate to pupils' aspirations
  • Grange Park School has worked with the National Citizens Service and encouraged local employers to speak to pupils
  • Key Stage 3/4/5 students will access careers events
  • Key Stage 5 now access an Enterprise Course
  • Key Stage 5 students use their work placements to achieve an Employability Qualification
  • We continually aim to increase and tailor work placements to the specific aspirations of our pupils. We work to help them identify their aspirations and a pathway to achieving them.
  • We work with staff, councils and the community to have external speakers come to the school to talk to the students about the opportunities available to them beyond Grange Park School.


The programme of careers education is continually developing and as it develops the website will be continually updated to reflect the programme in school.


The success of the careers education is measured through pupils Post-16 and Post-19 placement/Destination Data and feedback from pupils and parents.


Liaison with parents

Parents have the opportunity to speak to the independent careers adviser about the next academic and careers steps for their child at the yearly parents' evening.

Parents are also able to speak to form, subject, key stage progress leaders and careers lead at parents’ evenings, EHCP meetings and other events in the school calendar. Staff are also happy to receive calls with queries.

Parents Group have a yearly session about transition and careers and can request further presentations and Q&A sessions.

A copy of the independent career advisers report will be sent to parents.


Employers / Careers Education Providers

Please contact the if you are interested in presenting to parents or pupils at Grange Park School (subject to timetabling and compliance with the safeguarding policy).

We are also interested in hearing about supported internship/apprenticeship opportunities. We are particularly keen to hear from employers in retail, leisure, hospitality and warehousing.


Labour Market Information

Labour Market Information (LMI) is a useful tool to help research future jobs in the local area, understand the skills needed for certain roles and the demand for future employment.

LMI helps to break down the complex ‘world of work’– ranging from descriptions of different careers, their entry routes, promotional prospects, salaries paid, skills and qualifications needed, etc. Crucially for young people, LMI also covers future demand – what kinds of jobs will be in demand after leaving school and what kinds of skills will be needed.

Links to LMI reports documents can be found at the bottom of the page and a link to a useful resource.


For further information on our careers programme, please contact Mr Lee Cooper.