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Grange Park School

Learning for Life - Personalised Pathways for All

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2020-2021 Calendar and Special Dates

Please note that due to the current Covid pandemic, some events may be cancelled or rescheduled.


Term 1 – 2020


Tuesday 1st September                                   Start of Term 1 for Yr 7 & KS5

Wednesday 2nd September                            Start of Term 1 for Yrs 8, 9, 10 & 11

Thursday 17th September                                School Photographs (Wrotham & Stansted)

Friday 18th September                                      Jeans for Genes Day

Friday 25th September                                      Year 8 & 9 HPV Vaccinations

Wednesday 7th October                                   Parents Evening Stansted

Friday 9th October                                              Settling in Reports Going Home

Tuesday 13th October                                        KS5 Reward Trip

                           Flu Immunisation Yrs 4, 5 & 6  (Stansted)

Thursday 15th October                                      Stansted Trip – Port Lympne Safari Park

                           Harvest Festival 9:30am

                           Parents Evening Yrs 7 & 8

Friday 16th October                                            School Disco

Wednesday 21st October                                 German Day (Stansted)

Friday 23rd October                                          End of Term 1 (Whole School)


Term 2 - 2020


Monday 9th November                                    Start of Term 2 (Whole School)

                                                                             Pop Up Literacy Workshop Yr 8 – 10

Monday 9th – Friday 13th November             Anti Bullying Week

Tuesday 11th – Friday 13th November          Year 11 Annual Reviews

Thursday 12th November                                Stansted Trip – Kent Life

Friday 13th November                                      Children in Need

Wednesday 18th November                            Karin Littlewood Workshop Juniors & Yr 7

Wednesday 18th – Friday 20th November    Year 12 Annual Reviews

Friday 20th November                                       School Quiz

Wednesday 25th November                             No Pens Wednesday

Wednesday 25th – Friday 27th November      Year 14 Annual Reviews

Wednesday 2nd – Friday 4th December          Year 13 Annual Reviews

Friday 4th December                                           Science Workshop (Stansted)

Wednesday 9th – Friday 11th December         Year 9 Annual Reviews

Tuesday 15th December                                     KS5 Reward Trip

Wednesday 16th December                              Church Service (Whole School)

Thursday 17th December                                   Christmas Dinner (Whole School)

Friday 18th December                                         Cinema Trip

Friday 18th December                                       End of Term 2 (Whole School)


Term 3 - 2021


Monday 4th January                                          Start of Term 3 (Whole School)

Monday 12th – Friday 15th January                  Year 10 Annual Reviews

Thursday 14th January                                       Parents Evening Year 9 & 10

Monday 18th – Wednesday 20th January       Year 8 Annual Reviews

Monday 25th – Thursday 28th January            Mock Exams

Wednesday 3rd – Friday 5th February             Year 7 Annual Reviews

Tuesday 9th February                                         KS5 Reward Trip

Tuesday 9th – Thursday 11th February            Year 6 Annual Reviews

Wednesday 10th February                                French Day (Stansted)

Tuesday 23rd – Wednesday 24th February     Year 4 & 5 Annual Reviews

Thursday 25th February                                     Parents Evening Year 11 & KS5

Friday 26th February                                           Comic Relief

Friday 12th February                                          End of Term 3 (Whole School)


Term 4 - 2021


Monday 22nd February                                    Start of Term 4 (Whole School)

Thursday 4th March                                           World Book Day

Wednesday 10th March                                    Residential Carroty Woods Yrs 7 & 8

                                                                              Red Nose Day

Friday 12th March                                              Mother’s Day Event

Tuesday 23rd March                                          KS5 Residential

Wednesday                                                        KS5 Residential

                                                                              Wildwood Stansted

Thursday 25th March                                        Theatre Trip – TBC

Thursday 1st April                                              Church Service

Thursday 1st April                                             End of Term 4 (Whole School)


Term 5 – 2021


Monday 19th April                                              Start of Term 5 (Whole School)

Tuesday 20th – Thursday 22nd April                  Art Exam

Monday 3rd May                                                   Bank Holiday (Whole School)

Monday 10th May                                                 Textiles Visit – TBC

Monday 10th – Friday 14th May                          SATS Year 6

Wednesday 19th – Thursday 20th May             Exams

Monday 24th – Wednesday 26th May               Exams

Thursday 27th May                                               Parents Evening Stansted

Tuesday 25th May                                                 KS5 Reward Trip

Wednesday 26th May                                           Spanish Day (Stansted)

Friday 28th May                                                    End of Term 5 (Whole School)


Term 6 – 2021


Monday 7th June                                                   Start of Term 6 (Whole School)

Monday 7th – Friday 11th June                             Timetables Year 4

Monday 7th – Thursday 10th June                       Exams

Monday 14th – Thursday 17th June                    Exams

Wednesday 16th June                                          Year 6 Transition

Tuesday 13th June                                                 KS5 Reward Trip

Friday 18th June                                                    Full Reports

                                                                                Father’s Day Event

Monday 21st June                                                 Exams

Wednesday 23rd June                                         Year 6 Transition

Wednesday 30th June                                         Year 6 Transition

Wednesday 7th July                                             Year 6 Transition

Thursday 8th July                                                  Sports Day

Monday 12th – Wednesday 14th July               Residential Trip

Friday 16th July                                                    Talent Show / BBQ

Monday 19th July                                                 Reward Trip

Tuesday 20th July                                                 Leavers Assembly

                                                                                Year 11 Leavers Lunch

Wednesday 21st July                                         End of Term 6 (Whole School)